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Where to find user manuals?

All the 4G routers come with printed quick guidance. You can find the URL address or scan the QR code to access the detailed online user manuals. Here are the links to online user manuals of the 4G routers.

EZR33 – Outdoor Router
EZR23 – Indoor Router
EZR13 – Wi-Fi Extender

How to setup Wi-Fi SSID and Password?

On the online user manual of 4G routers, we can search for “Wi-Fi” to locate the tutorial of Wi-Fi settings. Generally speaking, we can access the router admin, go to “Network > Wireless”. Click the “Edit” button on the 2nd row of the “Master” Wi-Fi SSID to enter the configuration page.

Scroll down to the “Interface Configuration” section, change “ESSID” to edit the Wi-Fi name. Click the tab of “Wireless Security”, choose “Encryption” from the dropdown list, and enter the Wi-Fi password in the “Key” field. Then click the “Save & Apply” button to restart the Wi-Fi hotspot and activate the new settings.

To disable the Wi-Fi hotspot, go to the wireless overview page on “Network > Wireless”. Simply click the “Disable” button on the 2nd row of the “Master” SSID. [Read more…]