APN Settings for Vodafone

While using the Vodafone SIM card in the UK, if it failed to connect to the Internet, please follow the below guide to review the APN parameters.

  1. Log in to the router admin on a web browser.
    For example, the default router IP of the EZR33 is
    The router IP of the EZR23 router is

  2. Go to the interface overview page at “Network > Interfaces”. Click the “Edit” button on the “Mobile” interface.

  3. On the “Mobile” configuration page, click the tab of “Primary SIM1” to set APN for the SIM card settle in the first slot. Input the below APN parameters.

  4. Click the “Save & Apply” button on the bottom right corner to apply the new settings. It will jump back to the interface overview page.¬†Wait 1~2 minutes until the mobile redials. If still does not connect, please reboot the router.
*For firmware version >EV3117* If you are using a special data-plan, please call the Vodafone carrier to verify the exact APN parameters for your data-plan.
APN address: wap.vodafone.co.uk
PIN: 4-digit numbers. Leave it blank if have not changed the PIN code.
PAP/CHAP username: wap
PAP/CHAP password: wap
Authentication type: Select “PAP”
IP connection type: Select “IPv4 only”
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