Choose SIM card for Mobile 4G Router

The 4G Router has one or more SIM card slots. The SIM card is excluded from the 4G router device. You need to use your current SIM card or buy a new one to use in the 4G router.

Various data plans could bind to the SIM card. Our 4G router supports regular phone SIM cards, data-only SIM cards, and even IoT SIM cards.

Some of the carrier’s data-plan has limited the application. For example, Optus phone SIM card does not allow to use in a 4G router.

Mobile Nano SIM Card for 4G Outdoor Router
SIM Card Measurement

There are three different sizes of SIM cards, including Standard SIM, Micro SIM, and Nano-SIM. Please use the correct sized SIM card depending on the SIM card slot.

  • The Standard SIM card size is 1″ long by 0.6″ wide (25x15mm).
  • The Micro SIM card is half the size of a standard SIM card. Measuring 0.6″ long by 0.5″ wide (15x12mm).
  • The Nano SIM card is 40% smaller than the micro-SIM card. Measuring 0.5″ long by 0.3″ wide (12.3×8.8mm).
SIM Card Installation

The SIM card installation method depends on the SIM card slot using on the 4G router. Our EZRx3 series 4G routers use the Nano standard SIM cards, including EZR23 EZR33 and EZR53 routers. 

There are two SIM slots on the SIM cardholder of the EZRx3 series routers. Please use the primary SIM1 slot if you have only one SIM card. You can also use the SIM2 slot and change the mobile interface to connect to SIM2 on the firmware.



Please use activated SIM card in the router.

Please always turn off the power while inserting or taking out the SIM card.

How to insert the SIM card
  1. Use the included SIM pin to push the pinhole gently until the SIM card holder pops out.
  2. Put the SIM card in the SIM1 slot. Make sure notch in the inside direction and pins face down.
  3. Carefully reposition the SIM card holder in the slot and push it back gently.
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