EE APN Settings

In some rural areas, EE can only support the traditional PPP protocol, please follow the below steps to switch the protocol.

Firstly, connect a phone or computer to the 4G router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, then log in to the router. The default router IP addresses are as below. The default password is root.

EZR23 Router –
EZR33 Router –

Review the firmware version. If the firmware version is below EV3117, please download the latest firmware and upgrade locally.

Firmware download links and upgrade tutorials

After logging into the router admin, go to “Network > Interfaces“. Click the “Edit” button on the row of “Mobile“.

Edit 4G Router Mobile Interfaces

Under the tab of “General Setup“, choose “4G-PPP” on the option of “Protocol“.

It will show ask you to confirm “Really switch protocol?”.
Click the button “Switch protocol”.

4 0 Mobile Protocol Switch Protocol

Then it will jump to the 4G-PPP protocol set-up page. 

The modem device and service type are different from the default MobileData protocol. Please refer to the below parameters to configure the 4G-PPP protocol for EE SIM cards.

Make sure to use the /dev/ttyUSB2 on the Modem device.

Choose the SIM card slot under “Active SIM Card”. If using the SIM1 slot, click the tab of “Primary SIM1”. Use the below parameters.

ttyUSB2 Modem Device and SIM Card for EE 4G Router

Service type: UMTS/GPRS
APN: everywhere
PIN: Leave it empty if you have not changed the default PIN code.
PAP/CHAP username: eesecure
PAP/CHAP password: secure
Dial number: *99#

Click the “Save & Apply” button on the bottom right corner to apply the new settings. It will jump back to the interface overview page.

EE APN Parameter Settings for PPP Protocol on 4G Router

Finally, reboot the router to activate the new settings.

After successfully connected to EE mobile networks, the Mobile interface will shows the IPv4 address on the interface overview page.

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