Enable debug mode for MobileData protocol

If mobile connections have issues, we can enable the debug mode to get the full records of the Mobile interface connection.

The below tutorial is to enable debug mode for the MobileData protocol which integrated for firmware version since EV3117 on Ezen3X series 4G routers.

The MobileData protocol has a built-in terminal to execute AT commands. 
Note: The cellular module from the different vendors are using different AT command sets.

Simply speaking, we need to edit the “mobilemanage” file located at “/etc/init.d/” folder.  Add “–debug” at the end of line #29. Then reboot the router to activate the new setting.

We can access and edit the field on the SSH terminal or using WinSCP software. The below tutorial shows how to access and edit the field on the SSH terminal.

SSH Web Terminal

After accessing the router admin, navigate to “System > Terminal” to access the Web-based SSH terminal.

Input router username “root” and press Enter on the keyboard, then input the router password and also press Enter key to access the router’s SSH terminal.

Note: The router password is invisible when you are inputting it.

Edit File with VI Editor

After accessing the router’s SSH terminal, execute the below command and press Enter on the keyboard.

vi /etc/init.d/modemmanager

We are now in the Command Mode of the VI editor. To edit the file, we need to switch the VI editor to Insert Mode.

On a Windows computer, press “I” on the keyboard.
On Mac, press “Fn+I”.

  1. Press the Down arrow on the keyboard to navigate to the section of “Setup ModemManager service“.
  2. Locate the #29 line with scripts of “procd_set_param command /usr/sbin/ModemManager“.
  3. Press the Right arrow on the keyboard to the end of the #29 line.
  4. Press “–debug” at the end of the #29 line.
Enable Debug Mode for 4G Router

Press “Esc” on the keyboard to return to Command Mode from the Insert Mode.
Press “:wq” on the keyboard to save the file and exit to SSH terminal.

On the SSH terminal, enter the command “reboot” to reboot the router. You can also go to “System > Reboot” to reboot the router.

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