LAN/Ethernet Connection Problems

There is a problem with the LAN/ Ethernet connection of the 4G router. Please check the following

Check the basic Settings

1. Please ensure your device (secondary router/computer) has turned on DHCP, EZR33/EZR23 router already turn it on by default.

2. If your device is a router, please make sure the Lan port connects with the WAN port on your router

3. Please check if the LAN interface has bound to the PoE port (eth1), refer to below screenshot.
     ** You can reset the router to the default setting.

     a) Go to “Network / Interfaces”. Click “Edit” on the LAN interface.
     b) Check “Physical Settings,” make sure the “Interface” bound to “eth1”.
     c) And also, the “Firewall Setting” should bind to the LAN zone.

Check the hardware

1. Please try another LAN cables to see if it works?
    Make sure the LAN cables connected tightly and use less than 50m LAN cables.

2. Please try another 48V PoE injector if you have. 
If you don’t have one, you can use a 9-48Volt, 0.5 or 1Amps DC power adapter to connect DC socket of the motherboard to power on the router and then test the Lan connection directly.
**Only for EZR33 outdoor router**

3. If still does not work, please try to bypass the PoE base socket on the router as the image shows.
**Only for EZR33 outdoor router**

After confirmation of the problem, please contact our sales team to get the replacement part if needed.

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