4G Router Firmware Backup Flash Operations

The guidance of performing the file-level backup, restore, reset, and firmware upgrade on the web interface of 4G routers.

After accessing the router admin on a web browser, go to “System > Backup / Flash Firmware“. Under the tab of “Action“, we can configure the 4G router firmware.

Backup & Restore Archives

In the first section of “Backup“, click the button “Generate archive” to download the archive file of the current router configurations.

To restore previously saved router configurations, Click the “Choose File” button on the second section of “Restore” to select the archive file. Click the “Upload archive…” button to upload the archive file.

Perform Soft Reset

A factory reset will erase configurations and returns the router to the default factory setting.

  1. After accessing the router, go to “System > Backup / Flash Firmware“.
  2. In the second section of “Restore“, click the red button of “Perform reset“.
  3. It will pop out a confirm window “Really reset all changes?“. Click the “OK/Confirm” button to execute the soft resetting.

The router will then go to System – Erasing page. The system indicator on the router will flash rapidly in the resetting stage.

Please wait 3-5 minutes until the router completes the resetting progress and reboot.

Warning: Do not turn off the power or disconnect from the PoE adapter or power supply while resetting the router.

Flash New Firmware

A firmware upgrade will replace the entire current installation with a new version. Before upgrading the firmware, please download the backup file and downloaded the correct updated firmware on a computer. You can contact us to get the latest firmware.

  1. After accessing the router admin, navigate to “System > Backup / Flash Firmware“.
  2. In the third section of “Flash new firmware image“, click the “Choose File” button to select the firmware file which usually ends with *.bin. Click the “Flash image…” button to start uploading the firmware file.
  3. After a few seconds, it goes to the verify page. Click the “Proceed” button on the bottom right corner to start flashing the new firmware.
  4. The system indicator flashes while flashing the firmware. Wait 3~5 minutes and re-login the router admin on the web browser.

Note of Keep Settings:
On step two, enable the checkbox of “Keep setting” will run a standard upgrade that preserves most of the settings including network, Wi-Fi, hostname, etc.

If dis-select this checkbox, it will use run a fresh installation and will not automatically jump back to the front page after flashed the new firmware. You need to re-access the router admin the web browser.

Do not turn off power or disconnect from the PoE injector while flashing the firmware.

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