How to Book Remote Configuration Service for Your Router?

Get a problem with your 4G router? Do not worry, we got your back! Apply for the remote configure service now and get the instant online service.

Step 1:

Please schedule an appointment as per the below calendar (Pls pay attention to the time zone). This way our engineers will configure your router according to your appointment time.

RCS Schedule

Step 2:

Please ensure your computer(laptop) connected internet via wifi or Ethernet.
If your computer has no internet, please turn on your mobile WiFi hotspot and then connect the computer to get internet via your mobile WiFi hotspot.

Then download and install the below QuickSupport tool on the computer.
**Mobile phone or tablet doesn’t support checking router remotely**

QuickSupport tool

  1. Click the link to download
  2. Open the Teamviewer and continue
  3. You can get the session code and chat with our engineer now.

Step 3:

After connecting with the enginner, please connect the 4G router to the computer via LAN or WiFi.

If your computer is connected to the Internet via WiFi and there is no LAN port.
Then the 4g router must first connect to the workable wifi access point or mobile hotspot.
Please turn on the router’s wifi relay to access the Internet, and then connect your computer to the router’s wifi hotspot.

WiFi Relay 

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