How to Collect The Information for A Simple Debug.

Sometimes, the router stops working because of SIM card restrictions, traffic package restrictions, problems with firewall settings, or other reasons. 

If this happens, we need you to collect the following three pieces of information and send them to us for simple debugging.

1) Home Page

Please log in to the router to get the screenshot of the Home Page. 

Home Page

2) Interfaces Status

Go to”Network > Interfaces”. Take a screenshot of all the status of the interfaces.


3) System Log

Go to “Status > System Log”. Then copy the system log in the dark green background frame and paste it into a local file and send it to us.


Do not turn off the router when some function stopped working. The system log will be erased if reboot the router. Please use an alternative way, such as Wi-Fi or LAN Ethernet or TraversalCloud, to access the router to copy the system log.

System log
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