How to open NAT and UPnP on Xbox?

Most of the 4G mobile routers obtain a private IP address from the mobile carrier, which creates hassles for gaming devices. To solve the NAT layer issue, we can bridge the 4G IP address to a specific device or create a specific DMZ zone on the 4G router’s firewall.

Option 1 – Enable IP Passthrough (4G IP Bridge)

Please check this guide on the firmware later than EV3126. If you are using a legacy version firmware, please upgrade the firmware before being able to enable the IP passthrough function.

Option 2 – Create DMZ Zone

Firstly locates the local IP address used by the gaming device. Access the router admin, and go to “Network > DHCP And DNS”. Scroll down to the section of “Active DHCP Leases”. Find the local IP used by the gaming device. For example,

Add DMZ on Web Interface

Access to the router, go to “Network > Firewall > Tab of “Port Forwards”. Scroll down to “New port forward” and add:

  1. Name: DMZ
  2. Protocol: Choose TCP-UDP 
  3. External zone: wan
  4. External Port: leave empty!
  5. Internal zone: lan
  6. Internal IP address: choose IP of the host, such as Xbox
  7. Internal port: leave empty!

Click “Add” on the right side, and click the button “Save & Apply” on the bottom right corner.  Then disconnect Xbox from the router and re-connect.

Edit DMZ with VI editor on SSH Terminal
  1. Use the below command to open the configure file.
    vi /etc/config/firewall


  2. Find a free line, and hit “Insert” on the keyboard to edit the configure file.
    Note: On a Mac computer, use Fn+i or Fn+Command+Return to insert a new line.


  3. Add the below scripts on the free line.
    config redirect
          option src ‘wan’
          option proto ‘all’
          option dest_ip ‘’
          option name ‘DMZ’
          option dest ‘lan’
          option target ‘DNAT’


  4. Hit “ESC” on the keyboard to stop editing

  5. Input “:wq” to save the configuration file and quit the VI editor.

  6. Reboot the firewall with the below command
    /etc/init.d/firewall restart
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