How to Set A 4G Router to AP Mode

There are times when customers do not want to use SIM cards on their 4G routers anymore. They can also set the 4G router to AP Mode. Feed the 4G router an Internet signal and use the 4G router as a WiFi extender.

Set up the AP Mode. You can also refer to the video tutorial on the right.

i) Log in EZR33L router’s admin panel.

ii) Go to “Network > Interface.”

  1.  Click “Edit” on the row of “LAN.” 
  2.  Click the tab of “Physical Settings” and locate “Interface.”
  3.  Uncheck the “eth1″ and bind “eth0.” 
  4.  Click the button “Save & Apply.”

iii) Go to the “WAN” edit page.

  1. Click the tab of “Physical Settings” and locate “Interface.”
  2.  Uncheck the “eth0” and bind the “eth1.
  3.  Save the settings by clicking the “Save & Apply” button.
iv) Unplug the power supply to run a hard reboot

Note: The above-mentioned new settings won’t take effect until reboot.

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