How to Test 4G Router Network?

If your router shows that it is connected but does not have an Internet connection, check below.

1) Test Internet Connection

1.1) Please log in to the router admin, go to Network > Interfaces, to check if the Mobile interface obtained IP address and if have Rx/Tx data follow.

1.2) Go to Network > Diagnostics. Click the Ping button to connect to a website address or public IP address. If it shows an image like the one on the right, it means the router already got an Internet connection.

2) Test the WiFi Network

3) Test the LAN (Ethernet) Network

Wi-Fi has turned on by default, and the default Wi-Fi hotspot Outdoor-WiFi-xxxxxx or Cellular-WiFi-xxxxxx is non-encrypted, you can use your phone or computer to connect the hotspot to see if it has internet.

The DHCP function has been turned on the router by default. There is a LAN port on the PoE adapter. You can connect another router (to its WAN port) or computer to the LAN port on the PoE adapter. Make sure the router and computer have turned on DHCP. You can also connect with static IP, make sure to use the correct router IP address and gateway.

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