PoE with DC Power and LAN Ethernet

Power over Ethernet

PoE is short of Power over Ethernet, also called PoL (Power over LAN). PoE enabled device uses a single LAN cable to provide both data connection and electric DC power to devices.

PoE is easy to use, especially for remote applications that do not have a nearby electrical outlet. PoE delivers electrical power to the 4G router with CAT5 LAN cables. No need to run electrical wire.

A PoE system includes PSE, PD, and LAN cable. 

PSE is short of Power Sourcing Equipment, including PoE injector, PoE switch.
PD is the PoE enabled Power Devices, including 4G router, access point, camera, etc.
LAN CableCat 5 and above grade LAN cables with regular RJ45 connectors are capable. 

PoE Standards - 802.3af/at

There are various standards for PoE. In addition to the higher current capabilities, the newer standards also support faster Ethernet speeds.

IEEE 802.3af standard was the first standard for up to 15watt devices.
IEEE 802.3at, also called PoE+, was an updated standard that can supply up to max 30watts devices.
IEEE 802.3bt was released in 2018 and provided increased power capability for 55~100watt devices.

PoE PINOUT (T-568B Wiring)
1White / OrangeRx +TxRx A+DC + 
2OrangeRx –TxRx A-DC + 
3White / GreenTx +TxRx B+DC – 
4Blue TxRx C+ DC +
5White / Blue TxRx C- DC +
6GreenTx –TxRx B-DC – 
7White / Brown TxRx D+ DC –
8Brown TxRx D- DC –

PoE & DC Power

The EZRx3 series 4G routers support both IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards. It also supports both PoE mode A and mode B

An IEEE 802.3af (Mode B) standard 48-Volt PoE injector and a roll of 10-meter Cat5 LAN cable are included with the outdoor router.

There are two RJ45 ports on the PoE injector. Connect the PoE port to the outdoor router via LAN cable. Then connect the PoE injector to the electrical outlet. It can take 110~240 Volt AC power and output 48-Volt 0.5Amps DC power to the outdoor router.

Note: There are also various non-standard PSE devices working on 12V or 24V power. If you use your own PSE power supply on the 4G router, please ensure it supports IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at standards.

Warning: Do not connect non-PD devices to the PoE port on the PoE injector. The LAN wires of 4/5 & 7/8 are with 48V high-voltage.

PoE & LAN Ethernet

On the EZRx3 series 4G routers, the PoE port (eth1) is bound to the LAN interface. The PoE port connects to the PoE injector and output LAN Ethernet signals on the LAN port of the PoE injector.

In this mode, the PoE injector act like a non-managed LAN switch. When connecting the LAN port to a computer or connect to the WAN port on another router or access point, it automatically obtains an IP address and an Ethernet signal from the outdoor router.

Note: On EZR13 Wi-Fi Extender, the PoE port (eth1) is bound to the WAN interface. The LAN port on the PoE injector is for input WAN signal to the extender.

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