Supporting Legacy Wi-Fi Devices

Some legacy Wi-Fi devices, especially IoT devices, have limited support for the contemporary wireless modes and encryption types. In such a situation, we can find a lot of failed authorization and re-connection requests on the 4G router’s system log. Please follow the below steps to fix the wireless connection to legacy Wi-Fi devices.

Firstly, refer to the 4G router’s system log and locate the Wi-Fi device.

Then, access its control panel and try to upgrade its system or firmware.
After that, verify its Wi-Fi settings. Ensure to use the exact same Encryption type.
If it does not support the encryption type used on the 4G router Wi-Fi, then change the 4G router Wi-Fi to a paired type supported by the device.
Remember to reboot the 4G router and the target device after re-configuring the Wi-Fi settings.

Finally, if the issue still happens after configuring the above steps, try to turn off WMM mode on the 4G router Wi-Fi.

How to turn off WMM Mode?

WMM, Wi-Fi Multimedia, prioritizes network traffic to improve the performance of various network applications. Turning off WMM will slow down the speed but could give better support to legacy Wi-Fi devices.

Navigate to “Network > Wireless” after logging into the 4G router.
Click the “Edit” button on the master Wi-Fi hotspot to which the Wi-Fi devices connect.
Scroll down to the section “Interface Configuration” and unselect the check box of “WMM Mode.”

Turn off WMM Mode on 4G Router WiFi
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