Basic Settings of Wi-Fi Hotspot

On the 4G routers, the Wi-Fi hotspot has been turned on by default and without an encryption password. 

To secure your Wi-Fi hotspot, please refer to the below Wi-Fi password section and set up a strong Wi-Fi password.

Wireless Overview

After accessing the router admin, go to Network > Wireless to access the wireless overview page. It contents all of the Wi-Fi radio sections.

radio0 is corresponding to the wireless Wi-Fi modem on the router

SSID | Mode: Master is the main Wi-Fi hotspot
SSID | Mode: Client is the Wi-Fi relay network.
#The Client SSID does not appear until set up a Wi-Fi relay connection.

Associated stations indicate the active hosts connected to the Master Wi-Fi hotspot.

Wi-Fi On & Off

Click Enable/Disable button on the Master SSID we can turn on/off the Wi-Fi hotspot. If need to turn off the Wi-Fi relay connection, simply click the Disable button on the Client SSID.

Basic Wi-Fi Settings

Click the “Edit” button on the second row of SSID | Mode: Master to enter the configure section of the main Wi-Fi hotspot.

In the section of “Device Configuration”, in the tab “General Setup”, you can check the Wi-Fi network Status and configure Wi-Fi operating Mode, Channel, Width, and Transmit Power.

Click the tab of “Advanced Settings”, go to the Country Code field, and select the correct country code. It is essential to ensure the Wi-Fi hotspot on your router meets the legal regulations in your country.

If enabled a Wi-Fi relay connection, the Wi-Fi Mode | Channel | Width will be locked to use the same settings on the connected Wi-Fi relay network.

Do not turn on the “Force 40MHz” mode if there are many 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks around the 4G router. The 40MHz bandwidth might create significant interferences with the other Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Name (SSID)

Click the “Edit” button on the row of SSID | Mode: Master on the wireless overview page, scroll down to the “Interface Configuration” section. Under the tab of “General Settings”, we can edit the Wi-Fi hotspot name on the “ESSID” field.

The maximum length of a Wi-Fi hotspot name (SSID) is 32 characters. The Wi-Fi SSID is case sensitive, and special characters, including spaces, periods, dashes, underscores, etc. are allowed.

Please use the default settings on the below fields.

Mode: Please use the default mode “Access Point”.
Network: Please use the default interface of “LAN”.

Hide ESSID: If we enable the checkbox, the router will stop broadcast the Wi-Fi hotspot but remain the Wi-Fi connection when entering the Wi-Fi hotspot name and password manually.

WMM means Wi-Fi Multimedia. It is an automated way of handling Quality of Service (QoS) on the Wi-Fi network that provides improved video and voice performance over the wireless network.

Wi-Fi Security Password

On the Wi-Fi configuration page, click the tab of “Wireless Security” to enter the encryption section and configure the Wi-Fi password.

Encryption: Select an encryption method. e.g., WPA2-PSK is recommended for home and small office networks.

Cipher: The Auto is recommended.

Key is the Wi-Fi password, which is a secret phrase that clients must use to connect to your Wi-Fi network. With WPA2-PSK encryption, the Key must be at least eight characters.

Other default settings are ordinarily correct for general usage.

MAC Address Filter

MAC filter is a network administration feature that allows you to choose which devices are allowed to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

On the “Allow listed only” mode
You can choose the hosts on the “MAC-List” field. Only the chosen hosts can connect to the Wi-Fi network.

On the “Allow all except listed” mode
Only the chosen hosts can not connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

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