WiFi Password Settings

The default Wi-Fi network is turned on and without the encryption password. You can refer to Wi-Fi SSID & Password to configure the encryption type and password to secure your wireless networks.

1. Log in to the router admin on a web browser.
For example, the default router IP of the EZR33 is
The router IP of the EZR23 router is

2. After access the router, and go to Network > Wireless, then click “Edit” of  EZR33 default Wi-Fi hotspot Outdoor-WiFi-xxxxxx or EZR23 default SSID Cellular-WiFi-xxxxxx

3.In the section of Interface Configuration, in the tab General Setup, you can edit the name of Wi-Fi hotspot on the field ESSID.

Click the tab of Wireless Security to enter the encryption section and configure the Wi-Fi password.

PS: Encryption selects an encryption method.
Recommend to choose: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Mixed modem

Click the “Save & Apply” button on the bottom right corner. The router will restart the WiFi hotspot with the new configurations in 1-2 minutes.

Enable the checkbox Hide ESSID, and the router will stop broadcast the Wi-Fi hotspot but remain the Wi-Fi connection when entering the Wi-Fi hotspot name and password manually.

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